Surrender & Find Your Inner Peace

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Knowing how to find serenity & your peace when things don’t quite go to plan is vital in navigating life’s ups & downs with greater grace & ease.

Like many, at times I still experience great resistance when things don’t go to plan, simple things like planning a  self-care break & renting a small, compact, zippy (that’s Kiwi for fast) rental car only to be given a flash 7 seater, 4wd, gas guzzling, people mover, the equivalent size of a small bus, doesn’t always sit the best with me & my eco-friendly ways.

I know don’t sweat the small stuff’ & all that, & given my choice was limited to that or potentially wait another couple of hours for the car I requested to be returned. I ended up going with it although not overly happy about it.

Funny thing is, it did end up being a blessing in disguise (after I’d navigated myself to the closest beach to restore my serenity again 😉). I discovered as Gabby Bernstein ‘the Universe has your back’ always & in this instance it was true.

This mundane example in everyday life really hit home how protected we are. You see turns out I had not adequately researched the terrain I needed to navigate on my little self-care adventure, lots of hills, flooded creeks etc. Conditions not best suited to a zippy little rental car. If I’d insisted on my original choice, I’d had been cursing the time spent driving, have missed out on sharing Crystal Castle & crossing paths with Russell Brand.

So today I acknowledge the fact even though I was 100% sure I knew what I wanted, sometimes the universe knows better & will conspire for your highest good. And really my only responsibility is to influence what I can control – ME & my state, know how to recalibrate myself & find my peace & serenity when things don’t quite go to plan. And simply trust you are always being looked after.


What will you choose to surrender in order to find inner peace today?




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