Stop I Wanna Get Off!

by | Healing, Personal Growth

Ever get that feeling you just wanna get off the train?

When the ‘why me’s’ & ‘why this again’ creep their way into your mind, uninvited like a first-class 10th Dan Ninja.

As we continue on the healing journey it’s not unusual for old situations, experiences & emotions to resurface. Things we believe we’d dealt with long ago.

It happens to us all – even those who have been doing our work for quite some time, and believe it or not it’s actually a good sign.

If you’ve recently had an energy healing/reiki session, been doing a lot of inner work, or are sensitive to astrological happenings, then these can trigger a detoxing process within our being. Some experience predominantly physical symptoms, others emotional or if you’re lucky enough (yes there’s a hint of sarcasm there) you get the double whammy both physical & emotional responses.

When we emotionally detox, it is our higher self’s way of clearing repressed emotions or past trauma experiences that we may not have been fully resolved. It’s like the universe orchestrates for these things to reappear in our lives, to provide us with the opportunity to clear them once & for all at a cellular/energetic level.

I like to think of it a bit like a train – where each carriage represents something that no longer serves you, or perhaps a learning to be integrated, or hurt to be released. You are standing on the platform watching & experiencing each carriage as it goes by.

In the past you would have been in each carriage going along for the ride, trapped within the confines of the train, only able to get off when it stopped at a station. The good news is – this time you’re on the outside of the train, standing at the station & experiencing these things from a different perspective. Generally, with greater insight & awareness, & equipped with new skills & abilities to process whatever comes your way.

If you’re in the midst of this – know that you aren’t alone. Be gentle with yourself, it’s just another part of the healing process & the journey back to the real you – before all life’s expectations & societal conditioning got caught up in the mix.

Do whatever feel right for you, explore, rest, self-care, reach out to someone – whatever it is that little you craves at this time, and know it to shall pass.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Once the this train has passed, there will be another one pulling into the station, waiting for you to step on & taking you to a most amazing destination.



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