Self Empowerment 5 Card Intuitive Reading, Oracle Card Messages, Audio Reading, For Soul Guidance & Personal Growth,


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As a healer & intuitive reader I am drawn to providing readings that differ from general psychic readings.

My readings are here to assist you in living your best life in alignment with your Souls true calling. I use oracle cards to channel messages that guide & empower you so you can live your best life.

In this reading I will pull 5 cards each covering a different question, then I’ll channel a personal message for you based on these cards.

1. What is in your best interest to release at this time
2. Your personal theme this coming year
3. Where to focus your energies
4. How you’ll find your greatest happiness/success at this time
5. You choose – message me your burning question*

For each reading you’ll receive a recording with photos of the channelled cards delivered within 48hrs of purchase (unless there is exceptional demand – I will be in contact if that is the case).

*Please note when deciding on your personal question it’s best to ask an open question. A question starting with What, How or Why. This will provide you with greater information & insight than a closed question which will only give you a Yes/No answer.

I also won’t answer questions on timing, as I believe we all have free will & with this come multiple future potentialities depending on the decisions make or actions taken. Like many things in life there are various paths we can take to get to an outcome, some longer some shorter. Ultimately thing happen as we are ready to experience them on a soul level. It comes down to divine timing and the soul contracts we entered into prior to incarnating this lifetime (that is a whole other subject 🙂 )

After you’ve purchase please send me your personal question via messages here on Etsy

You’re welcome to contact me should you have any questions in relation to your reading


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