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Often different events in our lives can cause us to feel ‘out of sorts’ & our energies centres within the body can become either blocked or overactive contributing to us NOT feeling our ‘normal’ selves.

Perhaps you’re experiencing

💜 trouble focussing or making decisions
💜 having trouble switching off at the end of the day
💜 finding yourself taking on others emotions & concerns
💜 feeling drained

or simply wanting a good nights sleep, to feel more energised, or access greater clarity in regards to a situation

Reiki is a relaxing, gentle, complimentary therapy that can assist you to restore balance within, & start feeling your ‘normal’ self again


💜 30/60/90 minutes distance Reiki Session.
💜 Reiki info guide outlining how you can make the most from your sessions
💜 Access to Reiki Soundtrack to use during the sessions or for personal meditations
💜 Session Summary – a record of what came through during your session & ways to continue supporting yourself.
💜 1-oracle card drawn with a Soul Empowerment message specifically for you at this time (intuitive reading)

***If you would like to gift a session to someone please send me a message & I can send you through a gift voucher***


Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that works with your bodies electromagnetic energy field to help you relax, recharge & balance on all levels – mentally, physically & emotionally. It can assist you to release any emotional pain, trauma, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs as well as activate your body’s own natural healing abilities to promote overall wellbeing.

Additional Benefits of Reiki
~ Promotes deep Relaxation & Sleep
~ Reduce Stress, Depression & Anxiety
~ Boosts & supports the Immune System
~ Reduce Pain & Inflammation
~ Promotes Healing, Health & Wellbeing
~ Relaxes the Mind, Body & Soul
~ Detox the Body
~ Rebalance & cleanse Energy & Chakras
~ Promote Recovery and Much more


During a distance Reiki session, I send healing energy to you with the intention of providing assistance and support for whatever is of the highest good for you at that time. Sometimes when I conduct a session I receive random images & words that often don’t make a great deal of sense to me, however I often find they have relevance to the person I work with – should anything comes up I’ll take notes during the session & send you a summary afterwards.


The great thing about Reiki is it works on a subconscious level, & can be sent while you are sleeping or going about your normal day. Depending on your personal preference, some people like to rest or meditate during a session but this is totally up to you, if you’d like to do this then we can arrange a specific time for your session where I will message as I start the session & then on its completion.

PLEASE NOTE – These sessions are NOT intended as an alternative to any medications or professional medical advice. I view complementary therapies in this case Reiki as just that, a way to complement any mainstream treatments you may be receiving. I always recommend clients to seek & heed professional medical advice.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me caroline@carolineoxford.com


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