Australian ‘Flower’ PREHNITE – Stone of “Unconditional LOVE”


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Australian Prehnite is a natural, polished stone from Wave Hill, Northern Territory, Australia.
A beautiful translucent pale green/yellow stone with white & darker forms within giving it it’s unique appearance.

~Each stone is individually hand selected here in Australia, and are blessed & cleansed with Reiki energy by a certified Reiki practitioner (me)


A crystal of unconditional love & empowerment – Prehnite assists during relationship crisis to not give up.
Easing worries & concerns it is known for its calming & supportive energies. Prehnite also helps with emotional & physical fatigue energising & providing stamina when unable to rest.

For those who struggle to decline others requests this stone can be carried to assist with boundaries. Placed under the pillow it encourages lucid dreaming & enhances meditation.

Unconditional Love | Empowerment | Support | Inner Peace | Protection | Energise | Lucid dreaming | Boundaries

**You will receive one (1) Prehnite crystal per order. Nature of these stones means each will vary in colour & form & may not be perfectly symmetrical.

***NOTE: should you wish to combine shipping or enquire re larger quantities please message me at twinflamemusing [!at] to discuss****


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