Make Great Decisions With Your Intuition

by | How To Series, Intuition

Do you struggle to make decisions?

Spend hours hemming & hawing over your pros & cons list – because you have the great ability to see things from all sides? (which honestly can feel like a curse when you’re needing to make a choice)

It can certainly be mentally tiring trying to figure out the best course of action to take & even when you’ve made a decision you may find yourself 2nd guessing & questioning yourself

In my recent Youtube video I share a quick & easy way you can tap into your intuition, heart wisdom, inner GPS, 6th sense, gut instinct whatever you like to call it, to help you get unstuck in your decision making.

The thing I like about this technique is that apart from being super simple, it helps us to step out of our logical mind & tap into our higher self which ultimately exists to guide us to our highest good (no matter what your logical mind may be telling you)

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Go With The Flow & Surrender

Go With The Flow & Surrender

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Aren’t we taught to never give up, stay strong, be resilient during tougher times?

6 Steps To Having Your Best Week Yet

6 Steps To Having Your Best Week Yet

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