Lessons From A 5 Year Old

by | Wisdom

Who’d of thought a Unicorn Rainbow pen would become my prized possession…..

Until recently I had believed this pen had a very temperamental nature i.e. it would only work randomly, no rhyme nor reason, just purely on a whim, some days I was lucky most days I was not. However once I mastered the pen, I mysteriously mastered its lesson.

‘What’s so special about a kids pen?’ you might ask. Well firstly, it’s a symbol of unconditional love and a true gift from the heart.

Let me explain….. You see, before aforementioned Unicorn Rainbow pen came into my possession, it was owned by my niece all of 5.5yrs old at the time. This was her ‘most favouritest thing ever’.  She was just at that point of being allowed to use pens at school, a true sign of a grown-up and blossoming independence. This pen made her SO happy and she was insistent on sharing all that happiness with me.

As this 40+ yr old was passed this gift, I was tempted to graciously decline. You see, I pondered what real use I’d have for a gift clearly loved & cherished by its current owner. Sure it triggered pleasant memories of my younger years, but obviously wasn’t aimed at my demographic. However, instead of declining I decided to first double check that she was really wanting to relinquish this prized possession to moi.

Just as I was about to speak a tiny voice inside my head piped up. It reminded me that by declining a gift from another we are sending a message that we don’t value that person, or what they have to offer us. Immediately I was stopped in my tracks, there is no way I wanted this little person to think who they are & what they have to offer, is not good enough for me or the world.

So without further hesitation I most graciously accepted this gift. Embracing the learnings that come with it – the true beauty of unconditional love, and the mutually beneficial nature that being open to receiving brings to both the giver and the receiver.

Be open to receiving in whatever form that maybe – not only are you receiving someones kindness but you are validating their existence and all they have to offer.



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