Is Your Mind Muting Your Intuition?

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Our logical mind is the original ‘Influencer’. A very persuasive one at that!

Like its ally Fear, it is one of our internal protection mechanisms – its mission being to keep us in our ‘Safe place’

It’ll have you second guessing, regretting & suppressing your intuition any chance it gets.
You may recognise it as your mind reminding you of potential risks, your inadequacies, concern for others opinions – basically coming up with any reason under the sun as to why you shouldn’t follow your inner wisdom. And of course, how your intuition has wronged you in the past. 



 I’m not here to tell you you’ll never regret listening to your intuition.

Following your intuition isn’t some magic pill where suddenly rainbows, unicorns & fun-times appear out of nowhere, turning your life into some magical playground. It can be challenging, scary, & frustrating. It’s part of the human experience where we encounter both light & dark aspects regularly.

It can be helpful to remember in those times of regret, that duality & contrast is how we evolve and grow. As we all so often know, it’s the harder path & road less travelled that takes us to places, we could never have imagined & may never have explored.

So, what I’m saying is, there WILL be times you’ll regret following your intuition for the sheer discomfort it creates.

Yet if you wish to grow as a person, & truly TRUST that by following your intuitive side it will lead you to living the life you want to live, and having the impact you wish to have in this world.


Then, with time & reflection I can assure you regrets fade, to be replaced with a whole new sense of freedom & appreciation for all your life experiences.

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