Healing Power of Music

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We all have that favourite song or track that can lift us up when we’re not feeling the best. Music is such a powerful influencer of internal state.

I often use to think the power of music was in my head, as it has always been a big part of my life from a very young age – right back into the early 80s when my dad imported the first ever set of steel drums into New Zealand (that’s a whole other unusual story), to the countless hours spent at music rehearsals, concerts & shows. 


Since those early days, I’ve learnt science has proven that certain solfeggio frequencies (specific tones of sound that help promote wellness mentally, physically & emotionally) bring the body back into balance at a cellular level.

Without going into great detail, as many of you know everything is energy, even the earth has its own energetic resonance, electromagnetic field, the Schumann Resonance, which measures the earths frequency. The earth’s natural frequency is 7.83Hz. Also, each of the energy centres within our bodies, chakras, have their own natural frequency. 

Generally, as humans we resonate in harmony, within ourselves & our environment. However, at times external stressors, illness etc. can upset that delicate balance, & cause dissonance. This is where Solfeggio frequencies can help bring us back into balance.

During my distance reiki sessions, I have Solfeggio tracks running in the background to complement the intention of my client for the sessions. But you don’t have to use it only in healing sessions, you can have them running in the background as you work, read, meditate. The app @insighttimer has a great selection of tracks. I’ve started putting some playlists together that will be public on insight timer – you’ll welcome to follow if you wish. 

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