‘Give yourselves permission to follow your intuition and

prioritise your well-being, then see how your fortunes



Connect to the true you, releasing old conditioning, outdated beliefs & that which no longer serves you.


Align with your highest potential as you embrace all that is you.


Live your best life. 


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The realities of the modern world, its fast paced nature, the value placed on giving our all at the expense of ourselves, means we can loose the true us, be left depleted or feeling unfulfilled.

It’s only through authentic self-care practices that we replenish ourselves in a holistic sustainable way. Enabling us to access our inner wisdom & the practical skills necessary to navigate life with greater grace & ease.

‘Self-care is to give the world the best of you instead of  what’s left of you’

Let me help you connect & align so you can live your best life

Know it’s time to start putting you first, but unsure where to start?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

I get it – sometimes we know we just  want to feel better, things to change, or to simply relax & recharge.

At the same time we can be a little unsure as to where to begin, or are cautious about trying something new, so we ‘leave it for later’

Rather than putting yourself on the back-burner, let’s chat to uncover what’s best for you.

How I Can Help

The main modality I work with is Reiki Energy, however depending on what arises during our session I may also be guided to incorporate other tools to facilitate a greater transformation for you. All services are available in-person or via distance


A Japanese healing modality that works with your bodies electromagnetic energy field to activate your own natural healing abilities & help you relax, recharge & balance on all levels – mentally, physically & emotionally.

Intuitive Guidance

Helping you to gain clarity, & identify any barriers to inner peace – through use of oracle cards & intuitive messages we explore practical & spiritual ways to  align with your true desires & move forward.

Soul Empowerment

Session combining both intuitive guidance to gain clarity at a  cognitive level & Reiki healing to align & clear the energetic body. Promoting the release of limiting beliefs & patterns, creating space for healthy patterns to emerge & overall well-being.

Akashic Records

The Akashic field holds all our souls history & potentialities across multiple lifetimes. Akashic practitioners access the records to provide insight & clarity to help align with our highest potential, & clear any barriers that no longer serve us.

Finding your inner balance

‘The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well’ Hippocrates

It’s true deep down we all hold the answers for us, within us. However, sometimes uncovering those answers can seem elusive. This is where a Healer can help you to activate your bodies own natural healing abilities on multiple levels (emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually) to nourish & restores your inner equilibrium for an overall sense of well-being 

“As a healer myself, I am extremely selective when choosing a practitioner to help me with my health and wellness needs. Caroline Oxford has played an integral role in helping me with my physical ailments as well as mental and emotional wellbeing to attain a sense of peace and wholeness within. She is a highly skilled and gifted healer whose knowledge of energy medicine (Reiki) and spiritual counsel continues to support me in releasing blockages in my sacral and heart chakras. I completely trust Caroline as one of my preferred holistic healers and fully recommend her services”

MELANIE - San Diego County, USA

“Thank you so very much for the ‘long distance’ reiki session. I was a little unsure what to expect however, I was super impressed with the communication before hand where you clearly explained everything.

I was a little surprised when when I felt a warm wave radiating from the middle of my body – It was an interesting sensation and quite calming. I was also really impressed with the information you emailed through and the follow up Skype. Your reading from the cards was incredibly accurate”

TAMARA - Christchurch, New Zealand

“My session with Caroline was beautiful, starting from the moment I stepped into the gorgeous healing room which looked and smelled divine. She made me feel at so ease

Lying down I straight away felt relaxed and as Caroline did her thing I could actually feel small waves pass over certain areas of my body at times. I especially felt an extremely calming feeling as Caroline places her hands on my feet. It was as if all the tension was being drawn away from me” 

MON - Melbourne, Australia


Caroline is the loveliest person and who makes you feel very relaxed in her company. I’d never tried Reiki before but was curious to try it. I was amazed to find that for the first half of the session with Caroline that my mind was completely clear. This never happens!!! It was so nice to have a break from my thoughts”

SHARON- Melbourne, Australia


“I came out of the session feeling incredibly relaxed and calm with fresh energy to tackle the coming obstacles. I would definitely recommend a session with Caroline, what a lovely way to feel calm, re-energized and special”

MONICA- Maroo, NSW, Australia

About Caroline

‘Heal not because you are broken, but because it’s time to rediscover the true you’

Hello, thanks for stopping by, I’m Caroline.

I’m a Melbourne based energy healer with clients from around the world. A Usui Reiki Master, & certified in Akashic Record reading & Intuitive Healing. I work with those committed to uncovering & living the best possible version of themselves right here, right now.

After 15+ years in the corporate world, I walked away from a successful career, trusting my guidance & inner curiosity to embark on a different path. Having previously worked as a coach & in the leadership development sector, I use various spiritual & practical methods to empower clients to heal & connect with themselves on a deeper level. Enabling them to trust & access their inner wisdom & navigate life with greater grace & ease – along with a generous dash of adventure & playfulness!

If you feel called to work together or have any questions please get in touch


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If you’d like to chat about working together, or have a specific question then send me a message & I’ll be in touch. Alternatively call me directly Ph 0403 716 746. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn What Energy Healing Is All About!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that works with your bodies electromagnetic energy field to help you relax, recharge & balance on all levels – mentally, physically & emotionally. It can assist you to release any emotional pain, trauma, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs as well as activate your body’s own natural healing abilities to promote overall well-being. 

benefits of A reiki treatment

~ Promotes deep Relaxation & Sleep
~ Reduce Stress, Depression & Anxiety
~ Boosts & supports the Immune System 
~ Reduce Pain & Inflammation
~ Promotes Healing, Health & Wellbeing 
~ Relaxes the Mind, Body & Soul
~ Detox the Body
~ Rebalance & cleanse Energy & Chakras 
~ Promote Recovery and Much more

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

The great thing about Reiki is it works on a subconscious level, & can even be sent while you are sleeping or going about your normal day. Depending on your personal preference an in-person or distance session may suit best. 

I suggest 24hrs before your session try to refrain drinking, smoking, substances, or heavy unhealthy foods– this will help prepare your body to receive the energy & ultimately provide the greatest outcome for your highest good.

what happens in a session? Do I feel anything?

During a distance Reiki session, I send healing energy to you with the intention of providing assistance and support for whatever is of the highest good for you at that time. With a in person session the energy is transmitted via placing hands on various points on your body.

Just like we are all unique, our experiences of Reiki may also differ from one person to the next.

In saying this there are some common sensations that people report experiencing such as: 

  • Tingling in the body
  • Temperature changes
  • Goosebumps
  • Seeing various colours
  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Vivid dreams
  • Falling asleep
  • Sensation of floating on air or in water
  • Slowing or emptying of the mind
  • Detox symptoms (after the session)

Whether you experience any of the above or none at all, know this is perfectly normal. The Reiki energies are still at work on a cellular level, even though you may not be experiencing anything of a physical nature.

Each one of us is unique and experience healing in different ways and on different levels depending on our individual needs & what is for our highest good at that time.

What can i expect after a session?

Afterwards you may experience some detox symptoms, as the energy works on your body at a cellular level and this is the bodies way of removing that which no longer serves you. 

Whether you experience any symptoms or not I recommend you drink lots of water for the next 24-72 hours this will assist your body in the process. 

Experiencing no detox symptoms at all is also perfectly normal too. The energies are still at work even though you may not be experiencing anything of a physical nature. Each one of us is unique and experience healing in different ways and on different levels. 

Finally, I also recommend resting as you need to, if it’s possible have quieter evening or day – this allow things to integrate as is it common to initially feel energised after a session & then waves of tiredness may occur.

What are the akashic records?

The Akashic field holds all our souls, experiences, beliefs, feelings & potentialities across all space and time. Put another way it holds a record of all our soul’s past, present & future incarnations. You could liken it to a big super computer containing the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation which is held at an energetic level.

Although we can’t see the field or records in the 3D world like we can a physical item such as a book, it can be helpful to think of it like radio waves or our subconscious mind in that we can’t see these either but accept they exist. 

Akashic practitioners have been taught how to access the akashic field & individual records to work with quantum energy to assist people for their highest good & the highest good of those they are connected to.

How can an akashic Reading assist me?

~ Provide clarity around challenges & issues you’re facing
~ Uncover the origins of self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour
~ Gain greater insights into relationships 
~ Learn about your soul contract this lifetime
~ Align with your soul purpose in this lifetime 
~ Access deep healing
~ Gain insights on current situations
~ Reconnect with your truth to lead a more authentic purposeful life

What questions can I ask in an akashic reading?

You can ask about anything you wish to gain insight on. It maybe something that is happening in your life right now or relate to something in the past or future.

 I won’t answer questions on timing as I believe we all have free will & with this come multiple future potentialities depending on the decisions made or actions taken.

Like many things in life there are various paths we can take to get to an outcome, some longer some shorter. Ultimately thing happen as we are ready to experience them on a soul level. It comes down to divine timing and the soul contracts we entered into prior to incarnating this lifetime.

When thinking of a question it’s best to ask an open question. A question starting with What, How or Why. This will provide you with greater information & insight than a closed question which will only give you a Yes/No answer.

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